Tatiomax Hydrolyzed Collagen with Vitamin C 1500mg (3 bottles)

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Benefits of Tatiomax Hydrolyzed Collagen: FDA Approved FDA  FR- 4000001669048
✔️Improves health of skin and hair
✔️Reduces joint paint and degeneration
✔️Helps improve gut health
✔️Boosts metabolism, muscle mass and energy output
✔️Strengthens Nail, Hair and Teeth
✔️Improves Liver Health
✔️Protects Cardiovascular Health

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Get rid of those unwanted wrinkles without using BOTOX. Just one softgel a day will give you maximum results.

Did you know that collagen and vitamin c work together?

Collagen is an insoluble, fibrous protein consisting of amino acids.
A healthy body naturally produces this protein. Collagen helps protect our skin by filtering out environmental toxins and other pathogens. It’s widely known for its vanity benefits. These include nail and hair strength and growth. As one grows older, more collagen is needed. This is because the body naturally slows down collagen production as people age.

Tatiomax Hydrolyzed Collagen also helps prevent bone-depleting diseases like osteoporosis, joint issues like osteoarthritis, muscle injuries, and wrinkly, sagging skin.

Vitamin C is essential to the formation of collagen. It’s also a potent antioxidant, which reduces inflammation and the free radical damage that contributes to aging.

What’s good with Tatiomax Hydrolyzed Collagen is that it is made in liquid softgel so it can easily absorbed by the body with the help of Vitamin C.

Unlike other Collagen supplement Tatiomax Hydrolyzed Collagen is more potent that is why you need to take 1-2 softgels per day only.

Made in USA / FDA Approved / Halal / NSF Certified /USDA Organic
30 Softgel per bottle

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