T/M Pharma Co. introduced Tatiomax in the Philippines in 2008. As we all know,  Glutathione is the Master of all antioxidants; thus, we aim to bring this need to the consumers.  Tatiomax Glutathione 1600mg Sofgel has been proven to be effective in supplying the bodies with the Glutathione antioxidant it needs. It was the first reduced glutathione in softgel form in the Philippines. Since then, there has been an increasing demand for the product because of its efficiency that has also been backed up by recommendation of dermatologists. As a result, new products which are certified safe and beneficial to your health and wellness have been developed to promote wellness among the consumers since the necessary food supplements have been supplied.

For your ageless beauty.
“Infinite ambitions, diligent effort, and sincerity wins.” This is our principle.

T/M Pharma Co. supplies comprehensively high quality botanical ingredients that have been founded on good reputation with the spirit of factualism and innovation. All of our products are certified safe to be taken in and by the body. We only provide genuine and reliable products.

Motivated by innovation, with achievement as the assessment standard and client satisfaction as the work principle, T/M Pharma Co. sees that constant development is the object to be able to provide the necessary food supplements to the consumers; thus, making good health and maintained wellness available to everyone.

T/M Pharma Co. only offers products that are of superior quality with the method of preparation that surely preserves the stability of its food supplements. Using modern enterprise management, T/M Pharma Co. engages in excellent technology to be able to supply the best products, manage great sales and impressive talents here in the Philippines and abroad.


Tatiomax Logo
The letter “T” stands for Tatiomax, the name you can trust when it comes to beauty and wellness in food supplement. The red color symbolizes passion to promote wellness to consumers. It shows the drive to provide the significant food supplements and maintain a healthy physique.

Surrounded by veins and flowers in brown color, Tatiomax uses ingredients that are natural and safe for human consumption. This can be proven by the certifications from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approvals.

Using the earth colors, Tatiomax illustrates how it respects the relationship of nature and the human bodies. That you will get the natural supplements from nature and given the proper manufacturing, you would greatly benefit from it.

Tatiomax – Experience ageless beauty.


Our Vision
Be the Best premier and excel in Beauty and Health Care products by
achieving extraordinary results for our valued customers, building
satisfying careers for our people, and achieving a fair return on
the value we deliver.

Our Values
We are uncompromising in our integrity, honesty and trust, high-quality,
Safety & Health of our most valued customers.

Our Mission
We always aim to deliver high-quality, reliability and timely
services of our products with utmost confidentiality.
We strive and do our best in maintaining our partner relationship
with our valued consumers, our dealers and distributors.